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Hi Earl,

Since the conference this summer, we have all been hard at work on the energy projects and we’re going to be releasing a book soon that is the only AUTHORIZED version of something that everybody in the free energy field has wanted.

Politics, the economy, and other global issues have been really intense and it is getting more and more intense all the time. Nobody can say with certainty what is going to happen, but we know there are some rocky times ahead. Right NOW is the best time to get on the ball with getting as sustainable as possible, getting away from GMO foods as far as we can and do our best to spread the word with our loved ones.

Below are 6 specific items we want to share with you right now and there are more to come. As soon as the new release is ready, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, enjoy and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm!

Not too long ago, I sent a message about some of the work John Bedini is doing with crystal batteries. He recently showed one that lights lights and keeps itself charged up – a true self running device! He posted the formula on how to make the battery and posted a video in this discussion thread showing the demonstration. Learn more here: http://www.energyscienceforum.com/crystal-batteries/28-how-make-bedini-crystal-battery.html

A & P Electronic Media will be releasing the one and only SG Manual for beginners that is Authorized by John Bedini. This is the book we all wish we had 10 years ago. It has been considered a “right of passage” for anyone that is learning about free energy. This book makes it very simple for anyone to understand and it will cut hundreds if not thousands of hours out of your research time since it is all laid out for you in plain English. This is a must have even for builders who have experimented with the SG for the last 10 years. November 27th is the scheduled release date!

The 5th Edition of The Quantum Key is almost complete and will be released in a few weeks. Some of the additions inside the book include examples of simple violations of the 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, violations of the Law of Conservation of Momentum, violations of Einstein’s static gravity that is claimed to not be able to provide Potential Energy to do work, a few examples of violations of the 3rd Law of Motion and a perpetual motion device where a ball perpetually rolls under is own devices without the operator having to furnish any other input.

There is more, but you will see simple formulas and mathematical proofs that allow you to prove that gravity absolutely is a source of Potential Energy that can do work in addition to the fact that at minimum, any open system is actually operating at a COP of 2.0 at minimum – meaning there is a 200% net gain in work compared to what we had to supply on the input! A few technologies have been removed from the back of the book and a few new ones have been added. If you ever had an interest in knowing what the truth is to “free energy” systems, The Quantum Key is THE book to have. It shows you exactly what parameters must be met in order for a machine to produce more work than you have to pay for on the input and you will see that in reality, no laws are broken since the laws in the books are simply misunderstandings.

We are already organizing the next conference and have a website up with the date. http://www.energyscienceforum.com/bedini-lindemann-2013/ If you want to be notified of any updates, please join the mailing list on that page. The schedule is incomplete but at least you can mark it on your calendar.

To get your own copy of the presentations from the 2012 Conference, please visit the last 4 digital packages here:

Save on Home Energy http://save-on-home-energy.com
Classic Energy Videos http://classicenergyvideos.com
Real Rain Making http://trevorconstable.com
Magnet Secrets http://magnetsecrets.com
Battery Secrets http://batterysecrets.com
Lessons in Advanced Perception http://lessonsinadvancedperception.com
Magnetic Energy Secrets http://magneticenergysecrets.com
Perpetual Motion Reality http://perpetualmotionreality.com
Advanced Motor Secrets http://advancedmotorsecrets.com
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor http://evgrayrevealed.com

We’ve already sent notice about a mechanical amplifier before but we want to make sure that you are getting the straight story. Fernando Sixto Ramos Solano from Peru is a blind engineer that has invented a device that is claimed to multiply the force of any input. Increasing a force periodically is a power increase, but the claim is that a smaller motor can actually turn a bigger generator meaning that there is an energy gain as well. This has yet to be verified by any of us, but the information necessary to build a replica is online. http://www.energyscienceforum.com/mechanical-amplifiers/310-fernando-sixto-ramos-solanos-force-multiplier-system.html There are links to some youtube videos, pictures and a diagram showing the sequential steps of the mechanical process. You can see in post #4 where it is pointed out that the reaction in the machine (equal and opposite reaction) actually does not oppose the input of the machine but actually is diverted to assist the input in the forward motion – essentially violating the 3rd Law of Motion. Just because there is a reaction, that doesn’t mean it has to oppose the system.

John Bedini’s world’ famous battery rejuvenation technology is BUILT TO ORDER. Tesla Chargers is an authorized distributors of the full line of chargers. To learn more, visit http://teslachargers.com

Battery powered yard trimmers are a great alternative to gas trimmers or electric ones that require dragging a cord around. Recently, Aaron purchased a Toro 51486, which is a 24v battery powered trimmer. Although the battery is lithium ion and can’t be charged with the Tesla Charger technology, it was a trade off since he needed a high capacity trimmer due to the size of his yard. All was fine and dandy or so it seemed until he sent to lay it on the ground to do something else and it WOULD NOT SHUT OFF! That is a very dangerous situation to let go of the power button and have the string whipping around at very high speed and the only way to turn it off was to yank the battery out.

Here is a video of this dangerous situation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYp7KvLqv3U Please visit that video and if you think that Toro should acknowledge this safety issue, then please LIKE the video!

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Portal 2012

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