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Galactic Federation of Light on FREE ENERGY ZONES:!!! 5/28/12,

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Tue May 29, 2012 8:15 am (EST)

*Message from the Galactic Federation of Light
5/28/12<http://feedproxy. google.com/ %7Er/AscensionEa rth2012/% 7E3/V0NrmFzlmW0/ message-from- galactic- federation- of_28.html? utm_source= feedburner& utm_medium= email>*


through Greg Giles 28 May 2012

<http://3.bp. blogspot. com/-JNzU1Y86q4U /T8PgMc_K5oI/ AAAAAAAABDs/ Lf_6I9aJIos/ s1600/r5. jpg>

*Free energy zones will be areas of designation that are provided to
supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these
areas willing to participate in these projects. What we would like to do
is put aside your current means of supplying your households with energy
and installing a new technology that will better improve the efficiency
and the supply of clean energy into your home. These projects will be
performed on a worldwide level and there will come a time when each and
every household on your planet will be furnished this technological
advancement that will supply clean energy without a cost to the
subscriber of this technology. ***

*To participate in this program, *** we ask those of you who are willing
to make certain changes in your household to make their names available
to us either telepathically or through posting or commenting throughout
your online social networks and we will enter your name into our
database for consideration for this advancement in your home.*What this
technology entails is an entirely new way to harness energy from the
atmosphere surrounding your planet. This area of your planet is known to
you as the stratosphere, and it is here that energy is available for
this kind of use through the implementation of a device that is
installed in a home or dwelling. This device will pick up radiating
energy that encircles your planet. It will then clean and purify this
energy before its use to power appliances, heating and lighting in your
home. What it will not do is power automobiles, trains, buses and
airplanes, but we have other means to power these systems of
transportation that at this time are important to your world.

We would like to begin the implementation of these energy devices in the
homes of those of you willing to participate in our initial programs to
introduce this technology to your world. We will be monitoring the
publicly accessible areas of your online social networks to monitor your
responses to our offer. We hope to see a large number of you willing to
participate in this program, as we feel a large number of you utilizing
this technology will act as an icebreaker for many of our other projects
that we wish to implement that will advance your world greatly and
benefit so many.

We wish to begin the implementation of these energy devices in the
months ahead, no later than September, although always keep in mind that
timelines are fluid and unforeseeable schedule changes do occur for a
myriad of reasons and complications concerning the matter of your
criminal cabal. They, of course, will not be very pleased to discover
that we are now going to go ahead with the distribution of these free
energy devices. This is one of the larger points of their discussions
amongst themselves, as they perceive this as a great blow to their
power. We relish the opportunity to take away so much of their stolen
power and deal a blow to their illegal and unconstitutional empire.
These factions of your criminal organizations will begin to see the
destruction of their power structure immediately upon the implementation
of these free energy devices, as it is the hoarding of energy and its
ransom like sale to you, the people, which has lined the pockets of many
members of your criminal cabal with riches.

By taking back your right to pure, clean energy, you are taking back
your right to exist on your planet without having to pay someone rent,
tax or tribute in any way. This is one of our main goals here in your
world and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will not leave here
until you, our brothers and sisters of Earth, are freed from the
tyrannical control of these dark masters. Breaking you free from the
bondage of heavy taxation and extortion for energy that can easily be
provided to each and every being on your planet completely free of
charge is a task we are committed to accomplishing, as we see this as a
major tipping point to who yields the power in your world. We wish to
give the power back to you, the people, and set certain rules and
guidelines to ensure that the people will forever be in power here
before we depart to again assist another world break free from the
limitations that currently bind them to lives of drudgery, toil and
limited freedoms, rights and rights of expression.

Our job here is not nearly complete, as there is a great amount of work
to be done by us as well as by you. Help us help you make these changes
throughout your society by dispensing this information as far and as
wide as you can. Do not allow the snickering and the bickering of some
that have yet to see the greater picture dismay you in any way from your
task of being a fountain of information for these new ideas and
concepts. As we have advised you, you will be seen as a pioneer of your
new world, as in the days ahead all will see that what you speak of
today is a sneak peek into the future of everyone that calls this lovely
planet their home.

What a joy this will be for your families who can turn on a light switch
or an appliance and power your technologies with our technology that we
will very happily share with our friends. We see the sharing of this
technology as a bridge that will be built between our two civilizations,
yours of Earth and ours from the stars. Do you already feel how
empowering it will be for you to be able to tear up your contracts with
those who currently supply your homes with electricity, heating oil,
propane or gas? Do you see already how much of your hard-earned wealth
you can preserve for better uses for you and your families? We are very
excited to present you with our first gift of technology, and we look
forward to seeing many of your names provided either telepathically to
us or posted publicly in forums in your online social networks. We have
staff ready to begin monitoring these online sites for your reaction to
our offer to supply you with these new free energy devices that can and
will be easily installed in your homes.

How these devices will be presented to you from us is a matter we will
disclose at a later date when we are more comfortable with the position
of your criminal cabal and their many minions. At this time, they yet
roam free in your world, but this will change and it will change for
good. We see these arrests of these individuals as a very important step
for your world and your people, and we urge at this time your members of
the teams undertaking this great task to step up their efforts to make
this event a reality. Again, we wish to make it clear that we remain
fully prepared, backing you up in protection from those of your world
militaries who may choose to attempt to interfere in some way with these

As we have said, we will do all that we can to make sure your efforts go
unmolested by any militaries or factions yet aligned with your criminal
organizations. This is what we will do for you, but we cannot make these
arrests for you, as it is your world and you must take it back from
those who have stolen it from you. This is the way it must be, and we
hope that the people of your world can understand this and see why it is
so important for you yourselves to take back your rights of sovereignty
and your right to live in a world free of those who only understand the
concepts of more power, more money, more control and more struggle and
hardship for those they feel they possess like so many assets in their

We are here to assist you break free from their bondage, but we cannot
and will not do it all for you. We will do everything we can to assist
you make these changes here, and we await your move or your request for
further intelligence from us that will assist you in your task. We await
a response from you, our brothers and sisters on the front line, and we
wish you the very best in your efforts to restore to the people of your
planet their sovereign right of freedom that has been taken from them by
these individuals.

We wish to see action soon from you as there are many programs and
projects that we wish to begin implementing in your world that will
benefit greatly all of you on so many levels, your current lives will
not be recognizable from your new lives of freedom from the toils that
are today a necessary component for your survival. Your people will be
taking a great leap from lives based primarily on a need to survive, to
lives based on an inner desire to express themselves artistically,
creatively and academically, and share all the gifts they create with
others throughout your world free of charge to them. This is what is
possible for your world, and it only waits for you to take possession of

Choose now the way you wish to leave this time. Choose the way in which
you wish to exit the reality you have come to know as your only option.
There are other options available to you that will allow you to
experience more freedoms and more luxuries then you are currently
experiencing here. There are many doors that can and will open for you
upon your knock, and they will lead you into corridors that lead to a
new existence, a new reality beyond the current limitations of this 3rd
dimensional construct of mind and matter.

There have always been these doors open to you. There has always been a
means for you to exit which no longer serves you and your higher purpose
in this universe. You, as a sovereign soul on a journey of choice, have
never been tied to any one reality that you did not wish to experience
further. This law applies to you and to your reality today just as any
other day and period in your existence. We look to offer you the
opportunity to exit this reality according to your own terms and
according to your own time schedule that you have allotted yourself to
spend here.

Not everyone will choose to leave this paradigm. Not everyone is
prepared for the freedoms that wait beyond this illusion. Not everyone
has learned all the lessons available through this setting, and not
everyone has experienced all they wish to experience here in the
physical. Remember this, and remember that there is no right or wrong
choice as all is personal preference, and it is not anyone’s right to
force their preferences on another as none of us know better what one
needs or wishes to experience but ourselves.

How a being chooses to leave here is also a matter of personal
preference. Some may choose to leave here through the death experience.
This is all right, as for many, this choice and method of exit will lead
them to the higher dimensions and the new experience that they seek. For
others, this method of leaving here does not suit them and they have
chosen an alternative means to exit this reality and begin anew beyond
its limitations. For these souls, ascension in body is the method they
wish to utilize as their means into the higher realms of this universe.
For these souls, they have made a choice that they do not wish to
experience death and rebirth again, but wish a continual incarnation
without stops and starts to interfere with the steady and beautiful flow
of their journey.

All is a matter of personal taste and preference, and we say to you to
allow all others no matter how close they are to you to take all the
time that they need to decide for themselves how they wish to continue
their journey, always remembering that their journey will indeed
continue, it is just the manner in which they continue it that may
differ from yours. If you could do that you would be doing your fellow
beings a great service, as each of us needs to find just what it is that
vibrates our heartstrings and makes our heart sing in harmony.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

*(*** Reply to this Group and we will pass the information on — Milaon
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