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China’s ICBC to set up offshore yuan centre in Los Angeles

Posted by BaNDiTo.RoX on November 22, 2014 at 2:10pm


Saturday, Nov 22, 2014

BEIJING – China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) signed a pact with the Los Angeles city government to promote cross-border yuan trade and set up an offshore renminbi centre in California, the bank said on Saturday.

The move to create an offshore RMB centre in the largest state in the United States would lay the foundations for greater yuan trade with China, ICBC said in a statement.

The agreement comes at a time when many other countries are ahead of the United States in establishing cross-border trade in yuan.

The United States has lagged other markets in seeking to set up offshore yuan trading hubs because the US dollar remains the world’s dominant currency and US firms are reluctant to accept the yuan, a Chinese bank executive said.

Beijing wants to promote its currency to more international investors and eventually turn the “redback” into a global reserve currency, while at the same time expanding its already considerable political and economic clout.

About 15 per cent of China’s trade was settled in yuan in the first nine months of 2014, up from less than 1 per cent in 2009.

In the first nine months of 2014, cross-border payments between the United States and China reached more than 160 billion yuan, ICBC data show.

During that time, ICBC’s cross-border business was worth nearly 28 trillion yuan, up more than 80 per cent from the corresponding period last year.

– See more at: http://business.asiaone.com/news/chinas-icbc-set-offshore-yuan-centre-los-angeles#sthash.x7rpQNnq.dpuf

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The Amazing Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

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by Alanna Ketler
Collective Evolution

Have you heard about the amazing Himalayan crystal salt that comes directly from the Himalayan Mountains? It is packed with some pretty amazing benefits and is an amazing new staple to add to your pantry. It is an absolutely wonderful alternative to table salt, and soon I’ll explain why.

The History

First of all, what makes Himalayan crystal salt so amazing? About 200 million years ago, there were crystallized sea salt beds that were covered with lava. Being kept in this untouched, pristine environment that has been surrounded with snow and ice for so many years means that the salt has been protected from modern day pollution. Many people believe that this pink salt from the Himalayas is the purest salt that can be found on the planet.


Minerals & Energy

Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body, that alone is quite impressive! A few of these minerals include: sodium chloride, sulphate, calcium, potassium and magnesium. When using this salt, you are actually getting less sodium intake per serving than regular table salt because it is less refined and the pieces are larger.
Therefore Himalayan salt has less sodium per serving because the crystals or flakes take up less room than the highly processed table salt variety. Another cool thing about this salt is that because of its cellular structure it stores vibrational energy. The minerals in this salt exist in colloidal form, which means that they are small enough for our cells to easily absorb. What Exactly Are The Benefits?

Some of the benefits that you can expect by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt include:

  • Aiding in vascular health
  • Supporting healthy lungs and respiratory function
  • Promoting a stable pH balance within the cells
  • Reducing the signs of aging
  • Promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Increasing libido
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Increases hydration
  • Strengthen bones
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves circulation
  • Detoxifying the body of heavy metals

Comparing Himalayan Salt To Other Salts

Sea Salt

While still a better choice than table salt, sea salt is becoming increasingly over processed and let’s face it, our oceans are becoming more and more polluted each year, just think about the massive oils spills that have occurred. Because of the pristine conditions that the pink salt is kept in, it is said to be the purest salt available today.

Table Salt

Regular, commercial table salt is completely stripped of the majority of its minerals with the exception of sodium and chloride. It is then bleached, cleaned with chemicals and then heated at extremely high temperatures. The iodine that is added to table salt is almost always synthetic which is difficult for our bodies to properly take in. It is treated with anti-caking agents, which prevents the salt from dissolving in water and in the salt container. These agents then prevent the salt from absorbing in our own bodies, which leads to a build up and deposit within the organs. This can cause severe health problems. Studies have shown that for each gram of table salt that is consumed that the body cannot process, your body will use 20 TIMES the amount of cellular water to neutralize the amount of sodium chloride that is present in this chemically treated salt.

This is large in part of how salt has gotten such a bad name. It is not necessarily salt that is unhealthy for us, it is refined table salt that is inferior for our health. Aside from that, many of us are consuming way too much processed food. These foods contain astronomical amounts of salt, and it isn’t the good kind. It’s not about limiting our amount of salt; it’s about consuming more natural, homemade whole foods. This way we can add salt while cooking or sprinkle some on our meals without having to worry about high blood pressure and so on.

You should be able to find this amazing Himalayan Crystal Salt at your local health food store, or easily online!

Much Love

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10% of Your Savings Frozen (Act Immediately)

10% of Your Savings Frozen (Act Immediately)

arheader.gifDear Patriot,

This is pretty shocking, even to me. The IMF – International Monetary Fund, just released a report that should concern every person on the planet… especially those who have ANY accumulated wealth that the government knows about. Most importantly, if the wealth is not *in your control*…

Otherwise known as a “bank account”, an “IRA” or a “401k”.

This report shows the government the cold hard truth about how EXACTLY they can tax your wealth.

This is directly from page 49 of the report:

“The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a ‘capital levy’ – a one-off tax on private wealth – as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability.”

Like I was, you’re probably asking “who the heck is Capital Levy”?

It’s not a who, it’s a mechanism. Just like the one they used in Cyprus, when they froze everyone’s assets and took a nice chunk of everyone’s cash for “the government.”

And don’t think it can’t happen in this country, the report continues:

“The appeal is that such a tax, if it is implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated, does not distort behavior (and may be seen by some as fair).”

That means you need to act NOW – because it basically says if the government can beat you to the bank… they win. Nothing you can do about it after the fact.

I’m sending you this to make sure you can “implement before avoidance” or in other words, beat the taxman to your money.

Start today by downloading this free exclusive report on how to make sure you and your money is safe.

The report shows you exactly how to get your money out of the banning system, so when the hammer comes down, your savings will be safe and sound, and out of harms way.

The Cyprus crisis happened when people weren’t looking, and when they found out what had happened, they immediately tried to find a way to get their money OUT of banks and out of someone else’s control. They found something called Bitcoin to help them do just that. Bitcoin prices went bezerk when they did. Imagine what’s going to happen when bigger countries start trying to steal peoples savings.

If you don’t know about Bitcoin, today is the day. It’s all in the report.

Did you know that recently HSBC in the United Kingdom told a customer he could not withdraw 4,000 Pounds OF HIS OWN MONEY.

Yeah. The governments are preparing… make sure it doesn’t happen to you first.

To Successful (while it’s still legal) Avoidance,

Ronald Rayburn
Absolute Rights

P.S. For those of you who recently got their Free Download from me, I hope you are enjoying this life-saving information.

If you haven’t, it won’t be up much longer. Get Yours Now.

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It is not our responsibility to modify your future
without your choosing it.

So consider this message as a worldwide referendum, and your answer as a ballot.

Late October 23 2014

Dear Hollow Earth Network Family,

I received more than one mailing of this message early today; however, I was out of town until tonight.

I am sure each of you will want to give this your immediate attention and, of course, provide wide global distribution. Translations are available in 79 other languages.

With my love,